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Thanks for stopping by to see what's cooking for lunch in my kitchen by the Bay.


Because I am bad at eating lunch. Really bad.
[ This is funny since I work from home. ]

And laugh-out-loud funny because I love to cook. No. Seriously, I love to cook. And bake. Or make toe-curling good cocktails.

For some reason though, lunch just seems to escape me. But lunch is important. Really important. It plays a huge role in your brain’s ability to problem solve and create. Lunch helps to keep your body operating on all cylinders (so you still have energy by the time you make it home to do important things like play with your pets, children, or significant other).

As much as eating a healthy lunch, it’s important to actually take a break from the morning’s activities to consolidate your thoughts, particularly if your work demands concentration.  Eating at regular intervals, and eating lunch, is vital to a healthy, balanced daily diet.
Kumud Gandhi

So this blog, my friends, is my journey to create and taste-test delicious lunch recipes so you never have to wonder what’s for lunch again.


Like most food lovers (and good Midwestern girls), I grew up in the kitchen. With my mom, grandmother, Nana or aunt at my side, I developed a connection with food that has become a passion as an adult. Whether we were making favorite family recipes or attempting something new, it was guaranteed that there would be plenty of flour, chocolate, or bread crumbs on the floor, the smell of something cooking in the air, and plenty of laughter coming from the kitchen.

I’ve been concocting developing my own recipes ever since Tyler Florence was saving housewives on Food 911. Bored of swimming endless laps at the local pool, I would create my versions of whatever Alton Brown, Rachel Ray, or Ina Garten were cooking on Food Network.

When I’m not in my kitchen, or my home office running The Design Stylist, you can probably find me here with lunch and these two drooling at my feet.

Feel free to say “hi” or track my every move follow me via all those visual stimuli the rest of the world calls social media.



Adventurous with food 80%

Sandwich Connoisseur 60%

Dancing 90%

Getting enough vegetables 90%

Willing to stop what I'm doing to make lunch? Absolutely. 100%