Cheesy Mushroom Flatbreads

Cheesy Mushroom Flatbreads

It’s good to be a vegetarian.

Okay, so technically, I’m not really a vegetarian. I like to try 1-2 times a week though. And once upon a time, I used to be one, but then the craving for a cheeseburger lasted for 6+ weeks my senior year of college and that was the end of that phase of my life…

But during that time, I fell even more in love with mushrooms. Like in love, in love. Now, I love them piled high on a plate for my Gramma’s wilted spinach salad, or smothering a burger, and sometimes, just covering my favorite Grecian flatbread.

Which is why this inspired recipe is soooooooo good. Soft, doughy flatbread with flavorful, sauteed mushrooms. Add in melted cheese and count me in.

Must Eat Lunch | Mushroom Flatbreads


Must Eat Lunch | Mushroom Flatbreads Broiled

Mushroom Flatbreads


Inspired by Lindsay’s Simple Garlic Butter Mushroom Melts and my favorite sandwich from Potbelly – the Mushroom Melt

8oz mushrooms, sliced
1 tablespoon green onion, finely sliced
2 flatbreads (my favorite can be found at Sprouts Farmer’s Market) – Check out Nicole Hunn’s Gluten-free Naan recipe to make these more thyroid-friendly
1 tablespoon butter (if you have any Kerry Gold seasoned butter – use that)
1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup favorite mix of gooey cheese or two slices, divided (Cheddar + monterey jack + Swiss + Muenster + Havarti)
salt + pepper

1) Set oven to broil.

2) Saute sliced mushrooms in butter for 3-4 minutes, season with salt and pepper. Deglaze pan with a splash of worcestershire and let reduce.

3) Layer each flatbread with half of the mushroom mixture. Sprinkle 1/4 cup of cheese over top. Broil in oven until cheese has melted.

4) Carefully cut into wedges and enjoy immediately!

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