Taking Care of Your [ Kitchen ] Wood

Taking Care of Your [ Kitchen ] Wood


My wood cutting board is one of my favorite kitchen tools. To me, it’s the hearth of food prep, the place where all the magic starts. I use mine for cutting, mixing, rolling and kneading dough, and sometimes, as a makeshift desk in the kitchen.

I love it so much, that it stands proudly on the counter top, much to the Mister’s annoyance (he’s a clutter-free type individual).  It is actually the first wooden cutting board I ever purchased for myself and it’s served me well in several homes.

I’ve used [ and abused ] it, endlessly cutting fruits or vegetables, slicing crusty bread, or using it as a trivet when I can’t hold a hot pan anymore. But for every abuse, you must make amends.


When my board starts to look like the above sad state of affairs, I treat it to a spa day. I clean it, let it dry, and then rub it down with a little BeeKeeper’s Gold. The all-natural, food-safe beeswax and mineral oil restores the color, moisturizes the wood, and helps seal it so clean up is a breeze. No more unidentifiable stains, people.

But BeeKeeper’s Gold isn’t just for your chopping block. It’s made for all your kitchen wood. Spoons. Bowls. Platters. Decorative cheese boards shaped like your home state (Wisconsin cheese girl here!). I don’t know about you, but this stuff saves my wooden utensils. No more sticky food messes on your favorite spoon afterwards.

Application is easy, too. All you need is a clean cloth (or paper towel, if you must). Simply apply to your kitchen wood products rubbing in the wax. I leave my products on a clean tea towel to sit overnight on my counter to let the wood fully cure. Then a quick rinse under the faucet to remove any extra residue makes them ready to use for my next kitchen adventure. I usually treat my wood every 2-3 months, or more frequently for my spoons if they are looking really rough.

Taking Care of Your [ Kitchen ] Wood


If you’d like to purchase your own BeeKeeper’s Gold, you can find it at Williams-Sonoma.

I was not compensated by any brand for my praise. All thoughts are my own based on years of use in my personal kitchen.


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