Turkey + Prosciutto Croissant Melt

Turkey + Prosciutto Croissant Melt

Must Eat Lunch | Turke + Prosciutto Melt

It’s been one of those weeks.
You know, the kind where you’re still scratching your head wondering how you got so far behind that you think you’re first. Days that convinced you frozen pizza is a healthy choice because it had freeze-dried chopped tomatoes on it. And even now that the dust has settled, you’re still wondering how in a world of rapidly changing technology it costs $1800 to replace your previously well-loved laptop.

Here I was, feeling guilty because not one week in and I was already falling behind in my new blogging adventure. But when you spend two days trying to work from a malfunctioning laptop that runs your day job, and then two more days at the Genius Bar waiting for someone else to miss their appointment (only because all FIVE Bay Area stores were scheduling appointments for 3-5 days out), you’re left with little time or motivation to do anything but plop yourself in a chair and get what needs to be done, done regardless of the hour of the day.

Oh, but I digress. With the “free time” I was able to finally get my bloglovin’ account properly setup. If you feel so inclined, I’d be honored if you’d follow me. I’d LOVE to follow you too because there really isn’t a better way to unwind after one two looooooong days waiting for the Geniuses to fix your just-out-of-warranty computer than by losing yourself in a sensory overload of food that makes you want to dive headfirst into said laptop or smartphone.

Which is how I came across Matt’s Killer Ham and Cheese Melt. Oh, it makes my mouth water just looking at those photos again. I just knew I had to recreate the deliciousness pronto. I was hooked at first sight with that warm croissant filled with melted cheese, a perfectly fried egg, and arugula. Well played, Matt. Well played.

After cleaning up the drool all over the keyboard of my laptop (hmm, maybe that’s why I had to get a new one?), my excitement quickly took a nose-dive when I opened our fridge to find only some leftover turkey cutlets to make this sandwich. In my technology haze, I had failed to go grocery shopping and we were out of just about everything. Desiring my own gooeyness, off to the store I went.

MEL_TurkeyProsciuttoMelt_GroupImagine my delight when the local Trader Joe’s bread section had Swiss cheese croissants sitting on the shelf. Croissants with cheese already baked into them? The only thing that makes the flaky, buttery pleasure of a croissant is cheese (or chocolate) and mine were ready to go. I actually may have squealed. With all my sandwich ingredients, I ran through the store to grab a few cart full of other essentials and made my way back home.

The tang of the stone ground mustard combined with the melty cheese and buttery-ness of the croissants… oh, man. So good. Add in the bite of the cool arugula and that runny egg yolk. Sandwich perfection (at least in my book).

Must Eat Lunch | Turkey + Prosciutto MeltTurkey + Prosciutto Croissant Melt

Inspired by Matt’s Killer Ham and Cheese Melt


2 croissants, sliced in half (mine were from Trader Joe’s)
2 oz Sliced deli turkey or chicken breasts (or in my case, left over turkey cutlets)
2 thin slices prosciutto
Dijon or stone-ground mustard (whichever you prefer)
Favorite deli sliced cheese like Havarti, Swiss, or Provolone
Handful of arugula
1 egg, fried optional

Preheat oven to broil. Mix mayo and mustard together. Slice croissants and schmear each side with the mustard mayo spread. Cover each half of the croissant with a slice of cheese. Put split croissants on a baking sheet and place under broiler for 2-3 minutes or until cheese melts and starts to brown. Carefully remove from oven and pile on deli meat, prosciutto, and arugula. Top with a sunny side fried egg, if you’d like (and who doesn’t?!). Join the croissant halves into a sandwich and dive in.

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  1. Matt Robinson Says :

    Posted on September 13, 2014 at 8:21 am

    Absolutely love this version, what an honor! Your blog looks incredible by the way, can’t wait to see more. Have a great weekend!

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