Why We Must Eat Lunch

West Coast Sloppy JoesAs someone who works from home [ and loves to cook ], I  have no excuse not to eat lunch.

But lately [ okay, most days ], I get sidetracked by client emails, decide to make one more phone call, or lost in the creative vortex of Pinterest (all in the name of client research, I swear) to EAT LUNCH.

WHAM! Before I know it, my computer says it’s 3:57pm and I have worked through the entire afternoon.

This yo-yo eating wasn’t doing any favors to my waistline, not matter how many miles I cycled or T25 workouts I did. My sleep cycle was a waking nightmare (hello, insomnia) and my usually creative brain was seriously lacking.

I was in a slump.

Then it dawned on me: just because my office is only a few steps from my bed, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to give myself a break. My mind and body need that time and nutritious food to keep sharp, focused, and motivated to work through the rest of the day.

It’s easy to rationalize skipping lunch or eating at your desk, but the break can actually be good for your productivity. Kimberly Elsbach, a management professor at UC-Davis who studies the psychology of the workplace, says getting away from your desk can provide a boost in creativity.

Researching the effects of missing lunch, I asked a few close friends to help. They started to remind me to take a break and eat during the workday. And it started to help. A lot. My mood was improving, my energy levels restored, and I was falling in love with food again.

Yummy food that could be made into a great lunch with a little menu planning for ingredients and minimal cooking time to get me back to work without any pomp or circumstance. Inspired by delicious recipes I found online and my library collection of cookbooks, my lunch menu started to expand.

Recipes evolved (in my head, anyway). My instagram feed began to fill up with foodporn. And friends (and friends of friends) started to ask what I was making. They asked for more.

This is more. A food blog dedicated to making lunches that you want to eat. Lunches that can be made easily at home and brought to the office. Lunches that will satisfy your taste buds and help keep you moving.

Let’s take back the lunch hour and restore balance to our work day.

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